Sites we Like

Here at EKSTRAKLASAreview, there are a number of websites which we love. Here are a list of some of the best, organised by country.


Poland Poland

Poland Soccer Blog (English)

Right Bank Warsaw (English)

Taktycznie (Polska)

Krotka Piłka (Polska)


Belgium Belgium


The Belgian Waffle


Cyprus Cyprus

Cyprus Footy


Czech Rep Czech Republic

The Czech Up


Estonia Estonia

One Nil Up


Finland Finland

Escape to Suomi


France France

French Football Weekly


Germany Germany

Bundesliga Football


Greece Greece

Football Hellas


Hungary Hungary

Hungarian Football


Latvia Latvia

One Nil Up


Lithuania Lithuania

One Nil Up


Netherlands Netherlands



Norway Norway

Almost Norwegian


Portugal Portugal



Romania Romania

Scouting Romania


Spain Spain

La Liga UK


Sweden Sweden

Blågul Fotboll


Turkey Turkey

Turkish Football


Ukraine Ukraine

Viktor Leonenko Hall of Fame



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