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To celebrate EKSTRAKLASAreview.co.uk’s third birthday on January 1st, we have created the EKSTRAKLASAreview Birthday Quiz – a fiendish test of Polish football knowledge that we hope will leave you scratching your heads in wonder. With fifty-two questions, and a total of 62 points up for grabs, we believe this quiz is a test for even knowledgeable Polish football fans. 

For the winner of the quiz we have the prize of a pair of 16″x12″ artwork prints, of Jakub Błaszczykowski (pictured above) and Robert Lewandowski. All you need to do to enter is answer as many questions as possible before 17:00 CET (16:00 GMT) on Friday January 2nd, and email your answers to ryan.hubbard@EKSTRAKLASAreview.co.uk with the Subject header “Birthday Quiz”. Please do not post answers in the comments.

Of course we ask that you please do not Google the answers. Some of the questions will not be able to be answered that way anyway. A lot of hard work went into putting this quiz together, and by searching online for the answers it only ruins it. It is supposed to be a difficult quiz.

The answers will be posted after the competition closes.

With all said, lets get on with the questions:



Find the next name in the sequence – one point for guessing the name, and a bonus point for explaining the sequence.

1. Bartosz Ślusarski, Alexander Vukovic, Mateusz Cetnarski, Paweł Abbott, _______________.

2. Podbeskidzie, Gryf Wejherowo, Olimpia Grudziądz, Miedź Legnica, ______________.

3. Jagiellonia Białystok, Śląsk Wrocław, Legia Warszawa, Górnik Zabrze, ________________.

4. Grzegorz Fonfara, Artjoms Rudnevs, Edi Andradina, Maciej Dąbrowski, ________________.

5. 1. Andrzej Fischer, 2. Jan Tomaszewski, 3. Zygmunt Kalinowski, 4. Antoni Szymanowski, 5.________________.


6. Wisła Kraków have done it six times, Legia Warszawa have done it four times, while Lech Poznań and Widzew Łódź have done it twice each . What is it, and who has done it the most times?

7. Cracovia have done it on three times as many occasions as Wisła Kraków, but neither were the last team from Kraków to do it. Górnik Zabrze did it before Ruch Chorzów, but Ruch have now done it more. Gwardia Warszawa and Polonia Warszawa have done it eight times between them, yet Legia have never done it. Widzew Łódź are the only team to have done it twice in a row. What is it, and who did it last?

8. Smolarek did it twice, but Lubański did it three times. It has only been done four times in the last ten years. It’s been done twice against Belgium and Finland, but only once against Turkey or San Marino. Who did it last, and what exactly did they do?

9. Gdańsk did it first, followed by Białystok. Both Lubin and Płock have done it three times, and Ostrowiec Świętokrzyszki has done it twice, yet Poznań has only done it once. Warsaw has done it four times, but never without Legia. What is it?

10. What have the second teams of both Ruch Chorzów and ROW Rybnik done, that three current Ekstraklasa first teams haven’t?

Whose career statistics and club history are these?

11. 01

12. 02

13. 03

14. 04

15. 05

16. What do the above players all have in common?


Name the player

17.  06

18. 07

19. 08

20. 09

21. 10

22.  11

23. Who was the last Polish player to score a competitive international goal at the Stadion Śląski?

24. Tomasz Jodłowiec achieved a rare feat during the 2012/13 season, yet his team-mate Bartosz Bereszyński bettered it at the same time. What was it?

25. What is the largest city/town in Poland to have never had a top-flight Football team?

26. The older brother of which current Ekstraklasa Striker started his career at ŁKS Łódź, and has gone on to play 66 times for Poland?

27. Who is the highest scorer in the Polish league to have never scored for Poland?

28. Who was the first ever Polish goalscorer in the UEFA Cup?

29. Who is the lowest-scoring top goalscorer in a Polish League season?

30. Just three players played for Poland in both their last game before World War II, and their first game after it. A point for each one.

31. Who coached Poland to their first ever international victory on home soil?

SECTION 6 – 2014

32. Who has scored the most Ekstraklasa goals in 2014?

33. Which team currently in the top two divisions has climbed the highest number of places since January 1st 2014?

34. Which team currently in the top two divisions has dropped the most number of places since January 1st 2014?

35. Which player has provided assists for both Lechia’s Maciej Makuszewski and Jagiellonia’s Nika Dzalamidze so far this season?

36. Of the stadiums which have hosted Ekstraklasa football during both the Spring and Autumn Rounds in 2014, which has seen the fewest league goals?

37. Sandecja Nowy Sącz – GKS Tychy, Sandecja Nowy Sącz – Pogoń Siedlce, GKS Tychy – Olimpia Grudziądz. What did all three games this year have in common?


38. What city/town are the Merry Miners from?

39. Which midfielder shares a name with a spiny mammal, with the scientific name “Erinaceus Europaeus”?

40. Which midfielder shares a name with a bottom-dwelling, freshwater fish?

41. Which ex-Górnik Zabrze and Polonia Bytom winger shares his name with another name for the tympanic membrane, or a percussion instrument?


42. Which Goalkeeper played 100 times for Legia Warszawa, and has a former Ekstraklasa stadium named after him?

43. Where is the Kazimierz Deyna Stadium?

44. Whose stadium is named after a priest, ordained in the city in 1942?

45. Which member of the 1982 World Cup Bronze Medal winning team has a stadium named after him in his home town, despite never having played a game for the team which resides there?

46. Which Pierwsza Liga club shares a stadium with a top-flight Rugby Union team?


Below are the club logos for six former Polish top-flight teams, with their names removed. Name the teams.

47. 12

48. 13

49. 14

50. 15

51. 16

52. 17



E-mail your answers to ryan.hubbard@EKSTRAKLASAreview.co.uk, with “Birthday Quiz” as the subject header.

Also don’t forget to vote for the EKSTRAKLASAreview Player of the Year in the 2015 EKSTRAKLASAreview Awards.


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