#Ekstraklasa Magazine: The only English guide to Polish Football


With the start of the 2012/13 Polish Ekstraklasa season upon us, co-editors Michał Zachodny (polishscout.blogspot.com) and Ryan Hubbard (EKSTRAKLASAreview.co.uk) are pleased to announce the arrival of #Ekstraklasa Magazine: The only English guide to Polish football. Released partly as a guide to the upcoming season, and partly as a general football magazine, the free-to-download PDF magazine features a guide to all sixteen Ekstraklasa clubs – for both newcomers to the league, and seasoned veterans – to help fans to get to know one of Europe’s most up-and-coming leagues.


Also featured inside the publication; a number of top Ekstraklasa writers, including Marcus Haydon (When Saturday Comes), Andrzej Gomołysek (Taktycznie.net), Jakub Olkiewicz (zPierwsziPilki.com.pl), Jakub Krzyżostaniak, and Tomek Krzyżostaniak (LechinUSA.com), write about various aspects of the league. The magazine contains interviews with a number of players and coaches currently plying their trade in Poland, whilst a number of guests including writer Stuart Fuller give their thoughts and experiences of the league.


Hailed by Danny Last (European Football Weekends) as “the new Germany” in terms of European football travel, exciting times lay ahead for Poland. With Euro 2012 cementing the country’s place on the footballing map, let #Ekstraklasa Magazine be your introduction, and your guide, to Europe’s previously hidden gem.



Please feel free to discuss and share your thoughts on the magazine via social media. Use the Twitter Hashtag #Ekstraklasa.

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